A case study about how we significantly impacted RAINN’s operations and supported their mission to assist survivors of sexual violence.


Jira Service Desk




13 Jun 2023

About the customer

RAINN is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization and the leading authority on sexual violence. They are a dynamic organization focused on victim services, public education, public policy, and consulting services. Their team develops and operates best-in-class services for survivors, informs and educates the nation about sexual violence, and improves the public policy and criminal justice response to these crimes.


Industry: Public Services

Atlassian Instances

Jira Service Management

Employee Count

Number of employees: 300

Requirements at a glance

The Challenge

RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization, has embarked on a mission to support over 3 million survivors by preventing sexual violence and delivering justice. With an extensive network of more than 1000 local sexual assault service providers, RAINN handles many cases daily, ensuring critical support is provided through dedicated hotlines and web chats.

To sustain their widespread operations and coordinate with local service providers, RAINN needed a comprehensive ITSM solution to streamline their internal IT processes. The challenge was to ensure seamless IT service delivery backed by strict service level agreements (SLAs) and tracking mechanisms. Jira Service Management emerged as the perfect solution, offering a highly customizable and agile platform aligned with RAINN’s critical operations.

Jira Service Management provided a user-friendly front end featuring customized request types for different IT support issues. This one-stop portal allowed easy access and usability, while the backend boasted well-defined workflows and SLAs. These features allowed the organization to extract KPI reports and enable smooth coordination among different teams.

The capabilities of Jira Service Management extended to effective team and workload management. With built-in features for time tracking, work estimates, and user workloads, RAINN gained valuable insights to manage resources efficiently.

Jira Service Management simplified user management to address the challenge of managing a sizeable workforce. Any organizational-level changes to users or user groups are automatically reflected in Jira, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

By implementing Jira Service Management, RAINN successfully overcame its challenges and ensured that support and justice were delivered to survivors of sexual violence promptly and efficiently.

The solution

Gryd implemented a stand-alone ITIL-compliant service desk setup for RAINN. This comprehensive solution served as the primary point of contact for individuals reaching out to RAINN’s internal IT team.

Gryd developed custom request types on the customer portal to streamline communication for various IT-related issues, problems, and requests. Each request type, such as email creation or hardware acquisition, was tagged with a specific Service Level Agreement (SLA). Additionally, Gryd leveraged Jira’s powerful capabilities to establish efficient email and on-ticket communication with customers. This ensured constant updates throughout the entire ticket-handling process.

Gryd set up reports and dashboards to enable better monitoring and analysis that provided clear visualization of SLA statistics, issue volume, and user workloads. Thanks to Jira’s JQL filters and queries, these reports were highly customizable and easy to use.

For seamless user management, Gryd integrated RAINN’s Google Workspace with Jira. This integration automatically synced Jira users and their details with the Google Workspace directory. Any changes made in Google Workspace would be synced with Jira, eliminating the need for redundant actions and improving overall efficiency.

By implementing these solutions, Gryd enabled RAINN to optimize its IT support processes, enhance customer communication, and ensure smooth service delivery.

The result

Gryd’s services brought about an impressive transformation for RAINN. We ensured comprehensive IT operations coverage by implementing a dynamic service desk that adhered to ITIL best practices. This optimized and regulated their internal IT processes and revolutionized their customer experience.

With our frontend request portal, constant updates, and effective SLA and workload management, RAINN’s service delivery became seamless and timely. Our integration of Google Workspace provided them with efficient and secure automation for user management. As a result, RAINN could now administer users on a single platform (Google Workspace) while we took care of user administration in Jira.

Not only did our solution cater to RAINN’s project-specific needs, but it also exceeded their expectations. Our expertise and broad knowledge enabled us to equip them with the tools they needed to maximize Jira Service Management. RAINN’s team quickly embraced the new processes through effective training and expanded IT service management.

We set up informative reports and dashboards to ensure clear interpretations of critical metrics. Thanks to customizable JQL filters and queries, RAINN could easily analyze SLA statistics, issue volume, and user workloads.

We further streamlined user management by integrating the customer’s Google Workspace with Jira. This integration automatically synchronized user details, eliminating the need for redundant actions. Any changes made in Google Workspace are seamlessly reflected in Jira, saving valuable time and effort.

Gryd’s partnership with RAINN was not just about delivering a solution; it was about empowering them to achieve their goals. Together, we significantly impacted their operations and supported their mission to assist survivors of sexual violence.

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